Every girl’s fantasy

I think it’s pretty obvious my love for shoes is beyond my control. The higher the heel, the more outrageous the design, the more I love them. They can cost an unreasonable amount of money though. For objects that are meant to be stepped on and hardly protect our feet, it’s a high price to pay but that’s fashion.

And then came the fashion labels and houses that cater to the masses; H&M, Browns, Topshop, Target and many more. They grew so big, so important and so influential that designers started to collaborate with them, sending waves of delight across thousands of fashionistas who don’t mind queuing at daybreak in the cold for a limited edition Lanvin for H&M.

In 2009, Browns shoe competition brought its spotlight on winner Sophia Grace, now an assistant designer at Nicholas Kirkwood, she continues to design whimsical shoes that will fulfil every girl’s fantasy.

Swarovski project; beautiful and simple accent of the crystal in the heel.

From her MA Final Collection; very fairytale-like. I like how her designs are always focused at the back of the shoe. It looks seemingly simple from the front but it always catches you by surprise at the back.

Manolo Blahnik project; an almost architecture inspired heel is paired with pearls. I love the idea of layers and the little detail of pearls in the heel. 

I can’t wait for more of her works!

X Sybil

(Images from Sophia Grace‘s website)

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