For the self-sufficient perfectionist: Gazinskaya

I have been keeping my eyes on Vika Gazinskaya for a while now and I must say I like everything about her S/S 2011 collection.

Gazinskaya says she designs for “a self-sufficient perfectionist who knows exactly what she wants.” I may not fit the profile but I definitely want to wear her designs. Minimalist and feminine with an edge, the clean lines and rich colours are refreshing. I think of her collection as a vision of summer colours during a cold and dull winter, it’s as if her works are not season specific; they are just clothes you will wear, anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, Gazinskaya’s designs do not come cheap. However, all hand-sewn and sourced from the same materials as Lanvin and YSL’s, they are worth every cent.

This coat would look great in winter. Beautifully structured, it’s to die for!

I love this silhouette, the sleeves are wicked and I want one in every colour!

I am not a big fan of tulip-shaped clothing but this outfit is just right; the right amount of curves, the right intensity of colour and the right pairing of materials. Gazinskaya’s concept is focused and consistent throughout her collection.

A fantastic interpretation of the oh-so-trendy jumpsuit, mysterious, intense and unique, it has Gazinskaya written all over it.

X Sybil

(Images from Vika Gazinskaya’s website

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