Louis Vuitton Espace Tokyo : Xavier Veilhan

During my trip in Tokyo, I dropped by the ‘Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo’ located on the 7th floor of the Louis Vuitton building in Omotesando area.

You probably won’t miss the building, though this image does the building no justice. Just picture a spacious building with extremely high ceilings, thick carpeted floors that will make you slow down to look at their merchandise and spaced out displays. Then imagine it 6 or 7 times as this is repeated from the basement to the 6th floor.

The Espace is on the 7th floor and I walked in to see a wall mural with a brief write up about the ‘Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo’, French artist- Xavier Veilhan, the current exhibition and how this collaboration was birthed.

The exhibition space seemed to be a completely separate area from the merchandise. Here, all the lines and colours are extremely clean and the only colours that stood out were the green and black from 2 of the artworks.

You can see the entire Tokyo area from the windows and it’s such a stark contrast when you compare the cluttered surrounding to this vast space around you.

The Regulator started up randomly and as it spins, you hear the machine generating wind which is caught by the top ‘cups’, causing the central pole to rotate and hence causing the black globes at the bottom to spin like a merry-go-round. Created to make invisible forces visible, this work was the centre piece of the exhibition.

The ‘Tokyo Statue’ was another eye catching piece in the space. Standing at 4m tall and in this deep shade of green, it seemed to be looking out towards the rest of Tokyo. There was even a seat that was integrated into the statue for you to rest and enjoy the landscape.

My favourite part of the space was the skyline and the shadows that were casted on the ground when the sun shone in. No doubt they might not be part of the exhibition, but it brought an added dimension to the space. You can check out the 2 other art works here!

Free Fall exhibition by Xavier Veilhan is on show from now till 8th May 2011 at the ‘Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo’.

Louis Vuitton Omotesando Bldg. 7F 5-7-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan.

X Alex

(Images by self. 3rd image from Louis Vuitton)

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