Singapore Biennale 2011- The Merlion Hotel

The Merlion Hotel is an art installation that is part of the Singapore Biennale 2011. Aiming to  make art more accessible by bringing the artworks to venues easily accessed by the public, Japanese designer Tatzu Nishi ( the Merlion hotel to be built surrounding the famous national monument- the Merlion at fullerton.

Renowned for his projects that break down the barrier of public versus private space, Tatzu Nishi encloses larger than life-sized public structures (street lamps, praked cars and monuments etc.) into a temporal ‘residential’ area.

Indeed, when I walked into the high ceiling Merlion hotel, the feeling I got was really surreal. How else should I describe coming face to face to a monument that has been towering over me all my life.

This is what I came face to face to. I know it was big, but it’s as though being there made you realise exactly how big the merlion is compared to me.

Now, picture it placed right behind the bed. (Though technically, I should say, the bed is positioned right in front of it, since you can’t move the monument) I seriously wonder how the guest could sleep with such big eyes staring at them.

Other than that, the furnishing’s that of a luxurious hotel, fitted with your own dressing table, complete with welcome gift!

A very patriotic hotel at that. Sir Stamford Raffles wallpaper in the country’s national colours, I think the love of the country is clearly shown here.

The bathroom with a little window that overlooks the Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore River. I suppose you can take a bath and enjoy the beautiful night lights, at the same time, risk being seen when soaking in the tub.

Could it be that as the merlion is brought to a private space, the private space is also made public, like an unknowing exchange- the public space made private, is ironically made more public!

X Alex

(All images by self, except for first image from Art Gallery of New South Wales.( )

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One Response to Singapore Biennale 2011- The Merlion Hotel

  1. This hotel is INNNNCREDIBLE!!! Love that BIG HUGE sculpture behind your bed!!! And sooo cool that you can see the stars at night while taking a bath!

    xo Advice From a Caterpillar Store

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