Flower power!

“I felt, in this moment, we need flower power, but at the same time, we need young people’s anger.”

Quoting Yohji Yamamoto, ‘we need flower power’ could mean that we need some life and beauty in our lives right now. Looking at his Fall 2011 collection, there’s a certain beauty and softness in the rainbow cotton candy hairstyle and pretty dolly eyes.

A direct reference to the historic influence, there’s a few looks with the crinoline and use of lace.

I especially love the crinoline shaped lace skirt, an unexpected fabric for a structured silhouette!

A beautiful mix of colours and the element of surprise with the print detail beneath the skirt!

This was one of the pieces that I wasn’t expecting. It’s so refreshing to find a piece so soft and feminine in the collection. I see the ballet-inspiration of the Black Swan here, very 2011!

Could this be Yohji Yamamoto’s interpretation of ‘Black swan’?
Quite a twist isn’t it.

X Alex

(Images from Style)

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