Central Saint Martins Fall 2011

No doubt about it, Central Saint Martins is my dream school as I have mentioned to James Bent of Lamodeoutre when he took a shot of me last week. In fact it has been a dream for more than 10 years, and since dreams get you nowhere when the only place it stays is in your head, I guess it’s high time to try for my dream school.

On another note, I was looking at the 2011 graduating collections and a few looks caught my eye. I think it’s great that the collections are so accessible for viewing now!

Let’s start with Shaun Samson:

I don’t know what weaving technique this is, but it’s absolutely intriguing! How do you weave these fabrics of different construction together- tartan, knit and is that suiting fabric. wow.

Next is Charlotte Smith. A look that is probably impractical but amazes by the sheer volume of fringe.
I would like to know what’s the inspiration and the story behind those shoes.

There’s something mysterious and dark about Phoebe English‘s collection.
No doubt it’s fringes too, the thin streaks of hair makes it a surprising contrast against the shiny paillettes.

This is my favourite collection amongst the graduates- Viktor Smedinge. There is an eccentric attractiveness about the hollowed tubular details that may be inspired by ancient scrolls or Roman structures. A secret hidden in the garments perhaps.

X Alex

(All images from Style)

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