Border-line decorative but nonetheless, a masterpiece

Manish Arora’s Fall collection for 2010 was vibrant, vivid and just over-whelming. So, I started to worry that the designer’s eccentric style might have subdued when the 2011 Fall collection started with darker tones. However, Arora never disappoints.

Regarded by many as “the John Galliano of India”, Arora started his label in 1997. Visiting his website was an interesting and surprising experience. See it here.

He is known for using psychedelic colours and kitsch motifs while employing traditional Indian embroidery and beading techniques. This amazing blend results in detailed and ornate clothing that are border-line decorative. Each piece is a masterpiece and statement item.

Shoulders remain quite a focal point in Arora’s designs. Hard edge meets elaborate embroidery, the combination is plain mesmeric.

Almost Halloween-like, Arora’s designs reflect humour and absurdity and I love it.

Using softer colours, this look is more accessible and chic but it’s never a simple short dress. The interesting overlapping panels add structure and charm.

Arora’s collection is diverse despite a uniform use of multiple colours, geometric patterns and structure.

Some of his designs are almost sculpture-like wearable art. In this age where top designers are creating clothing we can hardly walk or sit in, I say he is on the right track.

X Sybil

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