Saint Laurent Rive Gauche: La Rèvolution de la Mode

Interested to see how the first Saint Laurent Rive Gauche boutique’s decor looks like or see garments from the prêt-à-porter collection from Saint Laurent Rive Gauche? Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent is now holding an exhibition showing just that.

Less than 5 years after launching his haute couture fashion house with Pierre Bergé, Yves Saint Laurent lauched his prêt-à-porter
brand in his name.

A replication of what his first boutique at 21 rue de Tournon looked like in 1966.

It’s interesting to read that the women that YSL had wanted to reach are the women back in the 60s who had ‘begun to claim their rights. They did not ask permission from their fathers or husbands to go and demonstrate in the streets. They gained importance in the labor market, sometimes rebelled against its injustices and little by little they succeeded in changing their status and living conditions, both professionally and socially.’

Even though the pieces might be from a few decades ago, they look like they can still fit into any modern lady’s wardrobe today.

YSL was truly visionary. He created suits for women, giving them the same power that men had owned. His prêt-à-porter collection was not simply an adaptation of his haute couture collection, but a whole new stand-alone collection. He also made sure that the fittings of his clothing are impeccable as it had to fit everyone.

He took staples from the mens’ wardrobes and added them to his Rive Gauche collection, items like the sailor’s jacket, the safari jacket, the suit, the trench coat and military jackets and coachman’s capes (see above image) .

Truly a revolutionary move, it’ll be so interesting to see more of the pieces that showcased his forward-thinking concepts in those times.

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche: La Rèvolution de la Mode
Now till 17th July 2011
3 rue Léonce Reynaud, 75116 Paris

X  Alex

(Images from VOGUE)

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