Alexander McQueen: Savage-d Beauty

Some time back I wrote to pre-empt you about the exhibition of Alexander McQueen’s works which will be showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York but due to the lack of publicity shots, I could only show you some of the runway shots of McQueen’s past works.

The actual exhibition shots I assure you, are so much more inspiring. Here are some shots from the preview shown at Ritz Hotel, the same location the where’ McQueen first showed a rail of his creations to the press in a 1993 collection called Taxi Driver.’

Isn’t the flow so fluid. There’s such a sense of lightness and freedom that this expresses.

This piece looks so poetic, with the solemn grey yet softened by the sweet pastel 3-D embroidery.

Could this be his version of the black swan. Just as dark, just as mysterious, just as beautiful.

Savageness enveloping beauty. This Irere dress encompasses both wreakage and fragility at the same time.

Widows of Culloden. We will always be mourning his death, but more importantly, we should always celebrate his birth and the birth of his awesomely inspiring spirit.

With this as the preview, what more shall we expect from the actual exhibition. Can’t wait. If only I can fly there just to see this exibition, that would be absolutely fantastic.

Remember to drop by if you’re at New York!

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New york
4th MAy- 31st July 2011

X Alex

(Images from guardian )

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