Lee Miller exposed

If you have never read about the colourful life of Lee Miller, now might be the time to do so.

Born in 1907 in Poughkeepsie, New York, Lee has worked with many talented people  throughout her life. She was a model to renowned photographers Edward Steichen, Hoyningen-Huene and Arnold Genthe, worked with famous surrealist artist and photographer- Man Ray, and established her own studio first in Paris then in New York.

Lee Miller in Uniform, London, 1944. Photograph by David E Scherman.

She later became a photo journalist and was probably the only woman combat photo journalist who covered the war in Europe and other historical events. She returned to Voigue to work for 2 years, following which she contributed to her husband’s biographies about Picasso, Miro, Man Ray and Tapies.

Lee was known for her portraits of famous artists and Surrealist images.

Just reading her biography makes me excited about this exhibition held in conjunction with the European Month of Photography 2011 in Luxembourg. There’ll be 100 photographs from the Lee Miller Archives and a catalog listing the research of her photographic style and motivations.

LEE MILLER exposure
Matches a No Man Land. Luxembourg. Step 1944
From 5th March 2011 – 2nd October 2011
Centre National de L’Audiovisuel
Tues to Sun 10am to 10pm

X Alex
(Image from Telegraph UK,  inyourpocket and Centre National de L’Audiovisuel, information about her biography from leemiller)

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2 Responses to Lee Miller exposed

  1. Jan Martin says:

    This sounds terrific, I shall try attend! I have recently discovered Miller’s work through the work of artist Spencer Anthony. I’m not sure exactly how it is done but he shows the delicate process of setting up images, even those of such delicate historical content like ‘Hitler’s Bath’ 1945, in Millers work.

    • Hi Jan, I tried looking up Spencer Anthony but couldn’t find his works, where did you see his works? Do share your images or experience if you end up atttending the exhibition, I’d love to know how you find it! X Alex

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