Kooples: His and hers

Following my entry on the blog Advanced Style and the couple, Richard and Carol, I think it’s timely to talk about The Kooples. The Kooples is a label for both men and women. They describe their label as “military elegance, revisited flight jackets, the perfected three piece suit, rock star, David Bowie, and oh so British”. Expect details like skull and crossbones on buttons and a coat of arms. And to conclude this introduction, here’s another quote from the label, “it doesn’t matter if it’s night or day, if you’re wearing The Kooples it’s just plain chic”. To some, that might sound a bit too cliché but hey, as long as it looks good. And it does!

What’s interesting is its target on couples. Its lookbook and campaign state the obvious. Real life couples are featured on the website and ads, and they look good wearing their Kooples. Above all, I like the androgynous look, the suits and the attitude.

X Sybil

(Images from The Kooples‘ website)

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