Mode Creation Munich

Almost one year ago, I drafted a post on MCM but never got to publishing it because I could not get a direct connection with the label. Despite my interest in the brand, the goods on ebay were limited and even more so in Singapore. I think one boutique carries it, with very limited designs brought in.

One year on, I had just returned from a short vacation in Seoul, Korea and was shocked that all the young ladies and women were carrying MCM bags. Forget Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Celine or any of the trendy and popular labels that are current. I did not spot an ‘it’ bag on anyone in the whole of Seoul and that’s because every woman in the entire city was holding a MCM bag. I could not resist and got myself a money clip, a timely purchase as friends and colleagues have been passing comments on my paper clip, which by the way, served me just fine. Perhaps an eventual surrender to the surrounding pressure, this is what I bought.

It’s not limited edition but it’s from the Holiday collection, a title that instantly inspires a sense of retreat and I love it.
Some other bags I saw that are worthy of a mention:

Weekender from the Shanghai collection

I remember my school days when MCM was the ‘it’ bag. Acronym for Mode Creation Munich, the German luxury brand had its trademark monogram handbags back in the 70s and 80s. However, like most labels, MCM is reinventing itself. I have been thinking of getting a Cognac Visetos for old times’ sake. What appeals to me are the old school designs; simple and plain in an almost geeky way, I like my bags to look like they belong in a different time. The next time I’m in Korea, I’ll definitely check out the boutique again.

X Sybil

(All images from MCM website)

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