Asher Levine: Form and structure

Greatly influenced by nature, Asher Levine‘s designs show off a constant experimentation by manipulation of the human form. Through juxtaposition of shape and form, he creates an interesting aesthetic that surprises with a unique outlook.
Though his label has not been established for a long time, it is the label donned by ‘many nightlife personalities and could be seen across the New York underground club circuit’, boasting Lady Gaga as one of his customers.
Asher has since designed three collections, with his debut in Fall/ Winter 2010. His designs have a surprise factor that makes you wonder at the source of inspiration.

Could this be inspired by intestines? Sure looks that way.

A cocoon like wrapped outerwear as an alternative to a basic shawl.

All these may be eye-catching, but personally, I am truly drawn by his collection of footwear.

Now tell me, doesnt’ this remind you of a porcupine.

And a rhino horn.

And a beetle. That’s what these awe-inspiring footwear reminds me of.

This is so cute. A pair of gloves for you to connect with your ET friends.

X Alex

(All images from asherlevine)

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