Snow white: Givenchy Couture Fall 2011

Of all the Haute Couture collections every session, my favourite has been Givenchy’s. It’s always filled with dreams of extravagance and luxury. A collection where no expense is spared to create beautifully crafted gowns. Eveything looks so clean and pure.

Reading the description of the techniques and skills involved in creating each gown will make you treasure each piece of creation more. Imagine the number of hours and the number of people involved in producing each piece in the collection.

“…a long tulle dress was decorated with tiger’s-eye pearls that had been inserted with crystals to catch the light and arrayed in the exact same pattern as the marks on an ostrich skin. Another gown was even more painstakingly embroidered with tiny silvery-gray caviar beads. In a callback to his women’s ready-to-wear, Tisci paired it with a matching jumper boasting a sheer front panel and beading everywhere else so thick it was 3-D. A third dress, the most expensive and time-consuming to make of all the pieces, was entirely sewn of symmetrically placed hand-cut silk tulle paillettes.” –

Riccardo Tisci’s attention to details extends to the range of accessories. I love the clutches with fringes that sweep the floor. Definitely a conversation starter.

X Alex

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