Iris Van Herpen: Imagine that!

There are some collections that you just cannot miss when you’re looking at the Haute Couture collections. If not for the extravagance, then for the power of the imagination. Iris Van Herpen created just that collection and got me smiling for its mere theatrics. If you aren’t smiling yet, you probably will be at the end of the show, or gasping for breath in awe of the pieces.

I am so close to posting the entire collection, but I think you should check them out here! Absolutely smile inducing! I love it!

X Alex

(All images from ELLE)

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2 Responses to Iris Van Herpen: Imagine that!

  1. I love the drama in the pieces! BTW, Lady Gaga was seen wearing the fourth dress down.

  2. smile=induced. thanks.

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