The Mermaid and the Officer

I have been collecting sunglasses.  When I’m feeling down, buying a pair of shades cheers me up and cost less than a new handbag.  I buy mostly vintage shades as they feel sturdy and solid in my hands, unlike the trendy, but poorly produced sunglasses these days.  However, vintage shades are scarce and good quality sunglasses are hard to come by  That is, until you find Cutler and Gross.

Founded by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, the boutique stocks handmade bespoke frames.  The shades are not vintage but they are definitely well made.  You will find unsurpassed quality and timeless aesthetics.  The manufacturing process for Cutler and Gross sunglasses and eyeglasses may be expensive and time consuming but it is worth every penny you are paying since it is said that a pair of Cutler and Gross is made to last a lifetime.

The Spring/Summer 2011 collection is titled The Mermaid and the Officer.  Very sexy!  Inspired by the lyrics of the song ‘Song To The Siren’, the collection is sparkly and clear like the deep blue sea.  The song’s reference to the sirens tempting sailors at sea stems from Greek mythology and in an analogous manner, the collection is fun and playful.

A pair of Culter and Gross is in my shopping list. Unfortunately, it is a very long list.

X Sybil

(Images from eyegoodies)

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