Blurring the lines: Pablo Bronstein’s Sketches for Regency Living

I find works by designers for theatre and/or art projects fascinating as they tend to be more melodramatic and at times, overtly-emotional.  I like the intensity and fervour.  Coupled with performance art, it makes a great piece of work.  Case in point: Pablo Bronstein’s Sketches for Regency Living, a groundbreaking exhibition presented in London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA).

Using a wide range of media to explore his interest in architecture, performance, drawing, installation and sculpture, Bronstein draws upon London’s Regency history and that of the ICA building.  Fusing past and present, visitors are transported back in time, surrounded by motifs that reference the Regency period.  However, these architectural designs look strangely modern, blurring the lines between history and present, simulation and reality. See video below.

The exhibition includes a retrospective programme of Bronstein’s dance works; newly choreographed performances; and an original ballet devised by Bronstein and co-commissioned by the ICA and Tramway. Bronstein commissioned fashion designer Mary Katrantzou to create the performers’ costumes.

Pablo Bronstein: Sketches for Regency Living is on show from now till 25 September 2011.  Institute of Contemporary Arts is located at The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH.

X Sybil

(Image from ICA and style )

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