Jantine van Peski: Wires 10.0

On this grey and cloudy morning (I love such days, the colour of the sky is beautiful), I decided to browse through my archive of up and coming designers that I’ve yet to look up and I found Jantine van Peski.

Knitwear is not really my thing although Alex is bigger on it but I’m wearing a knit jacket today so it’s probably meant to be that I chanced upon Peski’s Wires 10.0 collection.  It’s beautiful in a ragged, seaweed-washed-up-on-the-shore sort of manner.  I can picture the collection on the shore with the sea and the horizon blending into one in the background.

Jantine van Peski studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute before attending the Antwerp Fashion Academy and graduated this year.  She worked as an intern at A.F Vandevorst and Haider Ackermann.  Her designs focus on silhouette and craftsmanship, with immense attention to materials and techniques used.  Wires 10.0 was Peski’s graduation collection and it was eventually selected for the finals of ITS#TEN in Trisete, Italy.

In the designer’s own words, “This cape is completely built out of cord and yarns, inspired by the textile art of the 70’s.  These textile sculptures are very old-fashioned but rich in techniques and materials, which brought me to my main starting point and inspiration for this collection: macramé.  I only used one kind of knot and repeated this one knot over and over again. Every silhouette of the collection starts from a knotted piece, made straight from the body, without any patterns and hardly any drawings.”

It’s great to see up and coming designers as talented and focused as Peski.  I can’t wait for her next collection!

X Sybil

(Images from GlamCult and Jantine van Peski’s website)

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