Rodebjer: The year of Magical Thinking

Frankly, what ‘magical thinking’ means remains a mystery to me.  I get the ‘thinking’ part, but what exactly makes the thinking magical?  For their Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection that is currently available in stores, Rodebjer had ‘ travelled to a European city. The setting is grand and nocturnal. We imagine a solitary figure preoccupied with life’s greater questions, filled with thoughts of the stars and the planets, the roots in the earth and the depths of the oceans. Thoughts of life, lust, love, and loss.’

I imagine this mysterious lady sitting in a dark setting on the streets, surrounded by night lights twinkling in the backdrop.  Stuck in her own world, yet swirling in thoughts of randomness.  Prints of the cosmic night sky, of smoke and of biological drawings highlight the collection of mainly dark hues and shades of red.

I love cosmic prints, though now I wish they do other prints too.

Could this be the mysterious night sky?

The silhouette is interesting, though I don’t know how this fits into the storyline.

Red.  A lot of it.


X Alex

(Images from Rodebjer)

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