Susan Benarcik

I came across Susan Benarcik when I was surfing around for artists a while back, and somehow, her works piqued my interest.  If there’s any way to describe them, I’d call it organic art.  It’s just so organic, ecological and green.  I think Sybil might scoff at my vocabulary right now especially since I’m using these words to describe artworks.

Now, just take a look at her work and tell me what better words I could have used.

Square yard


Losing Touch

The Mooring

Susan Benarcik’s interest in horticulture and nature is reflected in her works of sculptural installations and surface designs.  Her works provoke viewers to think about the relationship between themselves, their surroundings and nature.

She mainly uses stacking, stringing, layering, knotting, and weaving techniques on simple materials to create textural sculptures for both public and private spaces.

Here’s her work at the Spring Ecolux Designer Pop up store at Bloomingdale’s Soho.

A perfect example of how fashion and art goes wonderfully together!

Benarcik’s works serve as a valuable reminder in today’s world, where we are drifting further and further away from nature.

X Alex

(All images from Susan Benarcik and her blog)

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