Raoul: Jet-Setter Glam in monochrome?

I was invited to Harper’s Bazaar and Raoul’s Jet-Setter Glam event last evening, where they presented Raoul’s Fall 2011 collection with some styling tips from the Bazaar fashion team.  To be honest, not much styling is required since the collection is quite organised.  One very nervous model distracted me for a bit, I think I saw her tremble.

They gave out cute little postcard styling tips below.



I’ve always viewed Raoul as an Asian brand and thus was pleasantly surprised to learn that the label is distributed widely in Europe and the States.  Its minimalist look is quite appealing.  However, they must be trying to shake off the ‘Executive Look’ they seemed to have mastered since their launch.  The horrible stripe shirts are no longer in sight; thank God.  Instead, they had replaced them with leather tees.  I am all for it but I’m not too sure about fellow Singaporeans in this tropical climate.  It’s also very Theysken’s Theory and not terribly original.

Raoul has a long way to go in terms of originality.  However, they have certainly improved the OL (office lady) look locally.  Let’s wait and observe if Raoul can influence just a margin of the OLs here.  That is, if they can steer the OLs away from the new H&M store just down the street.

X Sybil

(Images from Raoul)

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