Louis Vuitton Espace Tokyo: Alyson Shotz

I just got back from a Mission trip to Tokyo.  I know it sounds totally religious but it’s nothing like that.  No doubt refreshing and deeply enriching, not to mention soul-cleansing.  The workshops and sharing sessions with Japanese designers were absolutely great.  I can’t resist saying this- Sybil, you missed out much. So wished you were there!

Anyway, while I was there, I dropped by the Espace at Louis Vuitton again.  (Read about my last visit here)  It felt great to see the same space utilised in a totally new manner.  This time round, they are showing the exhibition Geometry Of Light by American artist Alyson Shotz.

Geometry Of Light, 2010
Cut plastic Frensel lens sheets, glass beads, stainless steel wire.

Geometry of Lights, from another angle.

I went at night, so the pieces sparkled beautifully under the shine of the light.  I imagine the same piece to have looked quite differently under daylight.  Pity I don’t have a chance to visit in the day.

Alyson Shotz wanted to express the existence of light as both a particle and a wave.  The work illustrates how light would probably look like if we stopped time.  As I moved through the exhibition space at the 7th floor of Louis Vuitton, I loved how the perspective changed and how the light reflected off the installation differently.

The space was well ‘guarded’.  Extremely quiet and peaceful.

Diffractional Spiral, 2010
Dichroic acrylic and aluminium

Part of a long- term series by the artist, Alyson Shotz experimented with the ‘use of repeated form in rotation and variation.’  Observing the recurring occurrence of rotation around a central axis that exist in nature, the sculpture uses a mathematical formula based on that idea. Simple idea, and yet visually arresting.

Transitional Object, 2010
Laser cut dichroic acrylic

Existing between a drawing and a sculpture, this work started off as a drawing of a 3-dimensional object brought to sculptural form. Just looking at the rainbow colours makes me happy.

This image is created digitally using sculptures and photographs.  Consisting of both organic and inorganic materials; flowers blossom out of the sculptures.  The entire collage forms this gigantic skull that spanned the double volume space.

I love having a quick escapade into an art space that is as hidden and quiet as this one.  It is especially inspiring and breath-taking when you have the space to yourself.

Visit Louis Vuitton’s Espace in Tokyo from now till 25th December 2011 for the exhibition.
Louis Vuitton Omotesando Building, 7F
5-7-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Sunday to Saturday, 12am to 8pm.

X Alex

(All images by self)

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