Tokyo: Keonji

One thing I absolutely love about Tokyo other than the energy is the character she possesses.  This character is reflected magnificently and visually in the streets, the people and of course the boutiques.

Everyone has a distinct sense of style and the owners use their shop spaces as a physical representation of who they are.  This trip, I managed to go to Keonji, a new territory for me and the shops blew me away. There’s just so much effort and individuality put into every shop.  You can find something unique in every corner, literally.

WARNING: Photos Avalanche ahead.

Street in Keonji, Tokyo.

Quaint hair salon along the streets. The bike is part of the shop’s display, I think.

Here’s what greets you and invites you into one of the shops!

A very theatrical green carpet grass vest.

Neon + leopard pattern patchwork lizard backpack.

The kitakore building that houses GARTER, ilil and dog.

Entrance to Garter.

Breath-taking isn’t it.

A closer view.

Gem it up!

And bling it up!

2nd floor to ILIL

Ken on display.  The calf muscles and the psychedelic shades go so well together…

Fitting room of the shop!

Display at DOG

Clothing at DOG.

Footwear at DOG.

If you’re in Tokyo, do drop by if you’re interested.

It’s at 104 kitakore-building, 3-4-13 keonji-kita
suginami-ku Tokyo 166-0002.

X Alex

(Images by self)

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One Response to Tokyo: Keonji

  1. modebrainstorm says:

    Wow if I go to Tokyo, I would surely visit! That looks awesome!

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