Luce: Carrying the world’s beauty

It’s a really great idea.

“I wanted to bring the entire sky in one hand, protect me with the sun,” said Tommaso Pedone, director and designer.

A graduate from Bologna National Academy of Cinema, Pedone’s works range from dance and theatre productions, music videos and art/social documentaries, to video-art and multimedia projects. His works are inspired by cinema, photography and contemporary art.  Pedone also studied Interior Design from I.E.D. in Milan and produced his own line of sculptural works.

Luce is a series of jewellery designed based on the concept of the visible.

A ring devoid of superfluous decoration, which captures and in turn reflects the world around it.

Pedone says, “Luce is the beauty.  If there is beauty around, it is the reminder of the truth that surrounds us, sobering reflection.  Pure form, as an abstract desire, light as air, an idea, a jewel…”

I want to carry the world’s beauty with me too but can someone filter the evil?


X Sybil

(Images from Tommaso Pedone‘s website)

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