After coming back from Japan, one of the things that struck me is the high quality of clothes that we can find in Japan, another is how established the young designers are; they may be young, but there isn’t much difference between a young designer and an established one.

G.V.G.V.  might have only been around for a few years, but looking at their collection, you sure can’t tell.

For their Fall/ Winter 2011 ‘Youth Cult’ collection, the inspiration continues from their previous season.  Its character is a girl who is travelling the world.  This time, she has returned to school in Britain.  There’s a mix of tradition and a contrasting young vibe in their college style collection.

Checks, pleats and tweed mixed with leather and military style.

Stadium jackets.

Duffel coats.

You might find the name G.V.G.V familiar if you have been following the UNIQLO collaborations with designers. In comparation, their own collections show much more attention to detail and conceptualisation.

X Alex

(All images from Tokyo Mercedes Benz fashion week)

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4 Responses to G.V.G.V.

  1. Oh, this is awesome! Very cheeky and whimsical, but in the sort of formidable style that would make the wearer feel six feet tall and ready to take on the world (or the Cambridge debate society, at least). I love the exuberance of Japanese style, and also admire the historical consciousness often found there; these clothes are well-rooted in all those iconic school motifs but take them to wittily florid heights.

    • Hi Lucius, thanks for your very clever comment. I can imagine them at the Cambridge debate society looking absolutely fabulous, yet completely out of place amidst their geeky counterparts. That thought made me smile. I love Japanese style’s quiet elegance and detailed thought process. 🙂

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