Celebrating Haruki Murakami

We wrote about NOWNESS’ Haruki Murakami Design Competition previously here.  In anticipation of Murakami’s new novel 1Q84, more than 100 entries were put to vote.  It was a showcase of immense and diverse talents but all with one goal in mind; to illustrate the fantastical titles of Murakami’s novels.  Winners of the competition will be announced on October 25 to coincide with the publication of 1Q84 but in the meantime, here are some of my own favourites.

Book cover design made for Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.
Submitted by M. S. Corley on September 29, 2011

STUDENT SUBMISSION: Based on Kafka on the Shore, dwelling on the nature of labyrinths, and the relationship between the inner and the outer.
Submitted by Kim Salt on October 12, 2011

Murakami’s description in 1Q84 of Tengo’s broken and empty father, with expressionless eyes of “two empty swallow’s nests hanging from the eaves” served as the inspiration for this portrait.
Submitted by kvnclu on October 12, 2011

My absolute favourite is the one above by Ryan Hartley.  Hope he wins!

X Sybil

(All images from NOWNESS)

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