Dior X Anselm Reyle: I love collaborations

One thing I always love is collaborations and my favorite kind are those between fashion houses and artists. It is just the type of thing to propel the artist to instant recognition and adds an immediate ‘cool’ factor to the brand involved.

This time, Dior has gotten together with German conceptual artist Anselm Reyle who also exhibited at the Frieze Art Fair, to create a collection of accessories (handbags, shoes and jewelry). Using the artist’s signature camouflage print, Dior’s take involves loud and fun shades of fluoro yellow, green and pink.

Little Yorkshire, 2010

Mixed media on canvas, steel frame with lacquer

Just to show a variety of Anselm Reyle’s works. I love this piece. Reminds me of those rainbow colors you see on crude oil.

Untitled, 2008
Bronze, effect lacquer, plinth with piano lacquer

I can almost see it on the street already. It’s just so recognizable.

What did I say about it being fun and loud.

I love the accessories too. The purple one reminds me of the ‘crude oil’ sculpture. Gorgeous colours.

Somehow I imagine this ad would trickle down to the street and we will see pop art-sy colored nails everywhere!

Here’s a classic with a twist. I like it!

Anyone for some army disco mix? Wonder what they’ll come up with next. More collaborations I hope. 🙂

X Alex

(Image from gagosian,vogue deharpersbazaar au)

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