Lady Gaga Workshop: Barney’s New York

I laughed at Blake Lively’s comment about not knowing what to say if she meets Lady Gaga,  “She is like a piece of art come alive, so it would be strange to be, like, having a conversation with a painting.”

It’s funny, but probably true. In my opinion, Lady Gaga is someone who is the closest a person can get to an art piece. As an artiste who makes statements with shock techniques and outlandish outfits, she sure makes everyone sit up with her presence. What intrigued me is how commercial she can be with her latest collaboration Gaga Workshop, with Barney’s New York, under the supervision of Nicola Formichetti for a holiday range of limited edition items.

Lady Gaga in customized Chanel. (Photo by Lexie Moreland)

Some of the items on sale:

Spike Moto gloves

Swarovski teacup

Nail set by Lady Gaga’s manicurist, Naomi Yasuda

Avante Garde boot stocking.

In the mood for some christmas shopping to stuff up that avant garde boot stocking yet?

Shop here.

X Alex

(Image from Gagaworkshop , washington  post wwd. )

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