Colette: Mildly amusing

Usually when I return from a vacation (especially if it is Japan), I feel inspired and enthused with new ideas for outfits, new acquisitions (of course!) and new perspectives on art and design.  Thus, I expected that much from a trip to London and Paris, especially with renowned museums in London and a fashion capital like Paris but alas!  I did not feel stimulated; rather I was bored and slightly annoyed at the number of H&M stores on one street.

In Paris, I visited Colette, a fairly well-curated retail store that has unfortunately turned into a tourist attraction.  Its directional signage starts at the Metro station.  Its selection of garments feature Valentino, YSL , Lanvin and many more usual suspects.  The only exception is that the collection is primarily black.  However, in my opinion, categorisation by colour does not necessarily form a look book that is coherent in style.  A closer look and one would realise that the minimalist Lanvin coat really does not belong beside the Valentino jacket with lace, silk and chiffon.

Nonetheless, the store impresses with its range of accessories and objects such as CDs, DVDs and books.  Mostly overpriced but such great fun to browse through, the store is worth one visit and repeat visits only if you have too much time in Paris because the online shop is so much more fun to shop at, minus the crowd and the noise.  Who cares if you don’t get to rub shoulders with the chic-looking store assistants, they are not very friendly anyway.  If you pay so much, you should at least enjoy some comfort.

X Sybil

(Images from Colette)

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