Carrie K. Artisanal Jewellery

One thing about me is I am a proud Singaporean.  Yes, you may not know much about Singapore, or think that somehow, Singapore is in China, but no.  Singapore may be a little red dot on the atlas, but we are our own independent country.  I am especially proud when I hear about local designers getting exposure around the globe.  One example is Carrie K.

Although it was only launched in July 2009, Carrie K’s label has reached other parts of the world and is currently also stocked at Carter and Bond in London (men’s cufflinks).  She has 6 collections available – Charmed, Liquid Metal, Mint, Leather, Raw and Odyssey and even does customised jewellery.

Here are some of my personal favourites.

Large Silver Bead love to shop Amethyst bracelet (Charmed Collection).  I like that it looks like a rosary.

Convex Ring (Liquid Metal Collection).  Love the curves.

Medici Heart Ring (Mint Collection).  I like the brilliant colours and how fun it looks!

Purple Mangle (Leather Collection).  For gents who want to add a little pizzazz into their outfits.

Labradorite Pebbles Gold Earrings (Raw Collection).  I love labradorite because of its unique colour, especially how the blues, greens and purples mingle.

Silver Spartan Ring (Odyssey Collection).  Love how this ring kind of looks imperfect, with jagged lines and bumpy finishing.

“I started creating jewellery that showed off imperfections because I like the uniqueness flaws bring. I find that featuring imperfections require even more careful, thoughtful craftsmanship in order to make the imperfection a feature that is appreciated.”

How is it that we sometimes forget that nothing is perfect.  It is finding the beauty in the imperfections that makes life so much more interesting.

Anyway, it is the festive season and these would make perfect gifts. (Gift wrapping available!)

Happy shopping!


X Alex

(All images from Carrie K)

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