The T-shirt Issue

Just as I was wondering to myself, how nice it would be if I had all the technology in the fashion world at my finger tips, I came across The T-shirt Issue.

The T-shirt Issue combines, fashion, design and technology to create wearable designs as well as conceptual installations.

Their collaboration with Marshallah and Linda Kostowski had such a synergy that even if you looked at past images, you would never guess that was created a few years back.

This piece is inspired about the story of the wolf bringing up a boy, and her wanting to have wolf too, right by her side.

No.419 Wolf

No. 378 Swimmies

No. 318 Juki

It may be old news, given it has been 3 years, but it’s still mind blowing. Every piece has a different inspiration. Read more here.

Their project last year: Muybridge was based on Eadweard Muybdridge’s photography work in the late 19th century, specializing in capturing animal and human locomotion.

‘A three-step sequence of a bird spreading its wings is reconstructed and sculpted into T-Shirts. As the change in the wings’ position is a function of time, each wing’s plumage is reduced to polygonal form, modeled and rigged into successive arrangements to portray the spreading motion… With the Muybridge installation, shape and fractional motion are interpreted through jersey garments. The T-shirts capture a movement that happens in the bat of an eye and perpetuate it by material augmentation.’

Still 1

Still 2

Still 3

Beautiful isn’t it. I want every piece in the collection. I just wish their projects aren’t so staggered.

Have a great weekend everyone!

X Alex

(Images from marshallahdesign and thetshirtissue.)

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