24 h Museum

TITLE: “24 h Museum”

DATE: 24 – 25 January 2012

LOCATION: Palais d’Iéna


Prada presents the “24 h Museum” which opened in Paris on 24 January for only 24 hours.  The event took place in the historic Palais d’Iéna, a building designed by Auguste Perret between 1936 and 1946.  “24 h Museum” is designed by artist Francesco Vezzoli with AMO, a world-famous office which is active in the fields of architecture, urban planning and cultural analysis.

Vezzoli studied at Central St. Martin’s School of Art and his works have been exhibited in numerous institutions including New Museum of Contemporary Art, Tate Modern and Moderna Museet.  His recent performances also include “Right You Are (If You Think You Are)” at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York (2007), and the “Ballets Russes Italian Style (The Shortest Musical You Will Never See Again)”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2009) with contributions by Lady Gaga and Frank Gehry.

The installation for “24 h Museum” is divided in three sections, each inspired by a particular type of museum space: historic, contemporary and forgotten.  The three sections are instrument to the sequence of events that take place during 24 hours in different areas of the ground floor of the Palais d’Iéna.

Vezzoli creates a “non-existent museum” where he shows his personal tribute to the eternal allure of femininity through interpretations of classical sculptures that make reference to contemporary divas. Vezzoli explains, “They are my icons turned into sculptures and placed on marble pedestals”.  Vezzoli’s vision is of a museum that exists for just 24 hours and which is also a celebration of a collective rite that mixes visitors, red-carpet, Oedipus’ complex and night visions.

The exhibition catalogue is available for download here.

X Sybil

(Images from 24 Hours Museum Facebook)

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