Phoebe English: In motion

Recently awarded the Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s Merit Award for AW2012, Phoebe English’s SS2012 collection challenges our notions of beauty and the body.  A minimalist collection of almost sculpture-like pieces, there is a sense of tranquillity and serenity in the bulky, chunky shapes.  Yet, it feels as if the calmness stemmed from the aftermath of a tragedy.  The shapes look like they are crumbling on the runway, falling into pieces.

Stocked at Dover Street Market, the SS2012 collection is inspired by English’s new working environment.  The motion of walking inspired the literal weight and heaviness of the silhouettes.  The choice of calico as a material is unusual but it was the perfect fabric for the collection as the plain-woven unbleached textile lent the collection its incomplete and unfinished appearance.

On the collection, English explained “A lot happened between graduating and starting my new bit of work; I wanted the collection to be a reflection of that and the things I was surrounded with. My studio then was in a huge warehouse in Hackney that was partially being built, so there were drills, hammers, dust everywhere on my work and tables; I began to really love that rawness I was in. The shapes came from the motion of walking as I had quite a long walk to get there; it was that repetitive treading, almost marching movement that gave the pieces its heavy, slightly utilitarian feel and boxy shapes.”

Definitely a new designer to look out for!

X Sybil

(Images from Phoebe English’s website)

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One Response to Phoebe English: In motion

  1. sunnivac says:

    It is interesting, but not really wearable… Maybe she finds a way to combine the two next season!?

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