Mary Katrantzou: Swarovski Atelier

Sybil just got the Mary Katrantzou for Long Champ tote bag, which reminded me of this Mary Katrantzou for Swarovski Atelier ring that is on my mood board right now.

How interesting it is to see designers doing collaborations with different labels. A win-win situation for both labels involved.

I love the rings that Katrantzou designed for Swarovski Atelier, the colours are so close to what I am doing for my own collection for S/S 2012, that of the colours of a purple dusk. Pinks, blues and purples-extremely magical and whimsical.

I just love the colours! If you’re wondering about the prices, let’s just say they’re Mary Katrantzou prices.

Shop here.

I’ll end off with a crystallized Mary Katrantzou pug dog. Have a great weekend!


X Alex

(Images from british vogue, swarovski atelier, polyvoreelle uk and anothermag)

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One Response to Mary Katrantzou: Swarovski Atelier

  1. Solipsism Dreams says:

    i love these statement pieces!

    Loretta xx

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