When the yellow fades… Margarita Saplala

Alex just showed a preview of her collection on wednesday, under her very own label Alexandria Chen.  The collection is inspired by visual arts, in particular an artwork by Alyson Shotz.  Alex had previously wrote about it here.  The colours in the collection speak of a moment between dusk and dawn, when the sky is bathed in purple light.  We will be releasing more information as we gear towards the launch in April!

It is therefore extremely interesting that designer Margarita Saplala’s SS2012 is inspired by another moment in the day, an hour where “the yellow fades and hues of pinks, oranges and blues are on the horizon”.

Brooklyn-based Saplala is known for her contemporary and yet playful feminine pieces with original prints.  She studied fashion design at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago before working as a freelance designer in New York for larger corporations such as Banana Republic, Gap, Guess and Halston Coats.

Saplala’s fondness for prints and colours may be a reflection of her Filipino heritage.  Saplala explained, “You see a lot of beautiful embroidery, colourful tribal costumes and Manila is just bustling with colour.  I always loved colour and I mix my memories with new topics that interests me”.

X Sybil

(Images provided by Margarita Saplala)

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