Jeffery~West’s English shoes

If I were a guy, I’ll have a bigger shoe collection than I do now because guys have wonderful choices of decent shoes without having to break their backs.

Needless to say, my choice lies in good English shoes with immaculate attention to details and preferably a long history of shoe-making tradition and craft.

Childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West began their first business as shoe designers when they were 16 year olds.  They designed their own shoes and sold them at markets in Northamptonshire and at Kensington Market in London.

It is possible to spot a pair of Jeffery~West shoes as the Jeffery~West design handwriting is distinct; the punching is always diamond shaped, inspired both by Gothic and Victorian Gothic Revival architecture and the designs carry motifs from pop culture, literary and filmic references.  It all looks quite gothic with dark, intense and dramatic colours but that is exactly the intended look and style of a pair of Jeffery~West.

Moon - Classic Wing Gibson

Two Tone Black and Burgundy Polish Classic Wing Tip Gibson

Ziggy - 'Zante' Cricket Oxford

Brown Botticelli Leather ‘Cricket’ Oxford Lace Up with Tarsal Strap details and Trademark Diamond Punching

Rochester - 'Rafael' Chelsea Boot

Rochester Chelsea Boot with Embossed Skull Repeat Pattern Leather

What I like best is the passion behind the label and the craft of shoe-making.  Guy West explains, “really there’s no money in it, but we do it because I like it and also because it’s the sort of thing where you’ll get a guy who’s got a do that night and he’ll either think later, shit I wish I bought that cane that would look absolutely great, or he’ll buy it and I know that that will be the best thing he’ll buy all year, because it’s that one time when he really wants to make a entrance, it just completes the outfit and you have that swagger, if you’ve just got that particular cane, or the right cufflinks, or silver topped umbrella, whatever it is, those little things I love doing even though you’ll only sell one every now and again.”

X Sybil

(Images from Jeffery~West)

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