Alexander McQueen Fall 2012

After writing about Alexander McQueen’s diffusion collection, McQ, in my last entry, here’s my take on their main line, now helmed by Sarah Burton.

McQueen and Burton differ widely in their thinking. McQueen leans towards deep dark thoughts, whereas Burton tends to give off a more positive vibe. For her Fall 2012 collection, the collection speaks of ‘a better future, positivity and optimism’.

Although seemingly different moods, the collection is no less magical. Starting with solemn yet romantic colours of ivory whites, dusty pinks, greys and blacks, the mood turned lighter and brighter as it went on. Flowers seemed to be the inspiration. Fragile looking, yet sculptured. Softness contrasted with hard lines.

Heavy brocade fabric. Volume contrasted with a cinched waist.

Dusty pink, with petal shaped sleeves.

Black puff balls sprouting out of a laser cut dress.

Fur. Lots of it.
I suppose this is what flower fairies wear to their weddings.
Sudden burst of bright colours.
And more volume.
My guess is that everyone (I’m talking celebrities) will be grabbing the accessories as part of the more wearable items, on top of the more watered down versions that will be available in the Alexander McQueen shops.  For instance, items like the plexiglass visor and their heel-less shoes.
So hot.
Flower power in a non printed variation. Feminine but not girly. Fragile but not powerless.
X Alex
(All images from Vogue)

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