Fashion Photography: Richard Avedon

It had been a busy season.  My brand has officially launched and it’s been fun in the midst of hectic planning and mad production rush.  Definitely a rollercoaster ride of emotions.  Just want to thank Sybil for keeping this space updated.

We’ve finally finished our photo shoot a couple of days back.  Truth be told, I haven’t done a fashion shoot for years and as usual, in fashion, all things turned out differently from plan.  The model was late, the weather got wet, so instead of an outdoor shoot, we had to rent a studio.  Maybe a blessing in disguise with the campaign and lookbook shots.

Anyway, while looking for inspiring photography and I came across Richard Avedon.  Sybil wrote about him previously here.

He may have already passed on but his photography caught my attention with portraits of movement and moments.  When I told my photographer that I wanted to ‘capture a movement when time stopped’, she said, “Isn’t that what photography is about?”.

Perhaps indeed photography captures a moment in time and imprints it onto a sheet of paper, but what I love is capturing a movement.  Maybe that’s why I love underwater photography.  Everything looks so fluid and so surreal.  You know they must be moving to maintain their position under water, but the gracefulness is just breath-taking.

Richard Avedon was known for showing models full of expressions and movements in a time when the norm was having models stand still and without emotion.  His work experience involves Harpers Bazaar, Vogue & The New Yorker.

I’ll just let his photos speak for themselves.

Dovima with Elephants, Evening dress by Dior, Cirque d’Hiver, August 1955

Homage to Muncaksi, Carmen, coat by Cardin, Place Francois-Premier, Paris, August 1957.

Renee, “The New Look of Dior,” Place de la Concorde, Paris, 1947.

Tilly Tizzani, raincoat by March and Mendl, New York, July 1964.

Passante du Siecle portfolio; The 1990s, Stephanie Seymour, in Chanel, Paris, APril 1995.

Beautiful, isn’t it. He does colour shots, but somehow I’m more charmed by his black and white images.


“I speak through my photographs more intricately, more deeply than with words.”
~ Richard Avedon


X Alex

(Images from richardavedon)

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3 Responses to Fashion Photography: Richard Avedon

  1. Yes, i also learned that the model was Dovima!
    You should see the Avedon exhibition at Gagosian, though not his fashion photos..
    See my post on Avedon, if you like.

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