Out on a limb: Contemporary wood jewelry

I was thinking of using wood in my next collection and was researching on artists who specialise in this medium when I came across this exhibition that is on show at Racine Art Museum in the States.  It features artists who used wood as a main medium for creating jewellery and accessories.  Some of the artists exhibiting include Gustav Reyes, Sharon Church, Edgar Mosa, Christine Brandt, Sukyo Jang and Tina Rath.  I love it when fashion pieces earn their place as art pieces in a museum.

Here are some of the designers I like:

Gustav Reyes

There is a quiet sense of peacefulness about Reyes’ works.  Everything feels very organic and harmonious.  Most of the pieces look like strokes of a calligraphy chinese ink painting.

Flora Vagli

According to Vagli, materials get a “return ticket” back to the world through her creations.  Using wood, paper and other materials, Vagli creates pieces that are truly beautiful.  Using a bold mix of colours, the pieces she create are clearly reinvented into an accessory that adorns the body.  I love what she did with paper, but since this post is about wood, you might want to check  them out here.

Julia Harrison

Her pieces can almost be viewed alongside surrealism paintings. Fun and interesting, her works focus on the human body. I’m sure, any of her pieces would make a great conversation starter.

Out On A Limb: Contemporary Wood Jewellery is now on show till June 17, 2012.  Racine Art Museum is located on 441 Main Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53403.


X Alex

(Images from Gustav Reyes, Flora Vagli and Julia Harrison blog)

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