Lace in the form of ceramics – Janet Stahelin Edmondson

I’m in the midst of working with my tattoo artist on a design for my wrist and my creative brief includes key words such as delicate, intricate and very fine lines.  Ceramics artist Janet Stahelin Edmondson’s works fit my creative brief perfectly.  She magnifies the fine texture and translucency of porcelain in her craft, creating works that resembles lace in some ways.

Edmondson’s family is in the fashion and textile industry and her grandfather supplied the fabric for the dresses worn by the Queen and Queen Mother at Princess Margaret’s wedding.  For her new works, she used antique lace and fabrics she inherited as the source of patterns which she imprints into fine porcelain.

Edmondson was trained in Three Dimensional Design specializing in Ceramics and Silversmithing at the Manchester School of Art.  Her earlier works drew on influences she picked up from her visits to Japan, particularly to Kyoto.

Her pieces are functional, they come in forms of a jug, a vase, a candle stick, or a bowl.  I especially like the jug.  They are reasonably priced and available for sale at Miratis.

x Sybil

(Images from Matthew Booth Photography)

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