alexandria chen: the unveiling

It has been an amazing learning curve so far this year and it is with much wonder and amusement when I say that life has never been so out of control.  I always knew that in fashion, whatever can go wrong most probably would, but the helplessness of knowing that the situation is out of my hands is terribly daunting.

From changing of the selected fabrics, to production, to delivery dates that are perpetually delayed, to the photo shoot and editing of the images, and eventually the website creation.  I cannot recall which of these processes actually went according to plan.

My label was created as an extension of this blog, to combine art and fashion, with the resounding message that fashion is a form of art. My first collection was inspired by the artworks of American artist Alyson Shotz, whose sculptures from her Geometry of Lights exhibition in Tokyo Espace Louis Vuitton captured what it would look like if time had stopped.  See previous entry here.

Mirroring the lines and curves, my collection focused on the moment of time between dawn and dusk, when the sky is carpeted a beautiful splash of pink and purple.  During that moment where time stopped, my world had just begun.

Japan Tokyo Mission Trip. Visiting the ROOMS tradeshow, dialogue sessions with Japanese designers, Trend shopping.

Back in Singapore. Courses. Media Preview. Haute Couture exhibition. Yohji Yamamoto This is my dream. Official Launch.

Back end details like design, drafting, sampling, fitting, running around to production houses, chasing for delivery etc images not included.

That said, it has been an amazing journey and I have my campaign images to show for that. You get to see it here before the official launch of the website.


That’s all for now! Will be posting images from the journey onto the Facebook page soon. Website should be up by this week. *cross fingers* Keep a look out!


X Alex

(Images from self)

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