Central Saint Martins BA fashion show 2012

The Central Saint Martins BA graduate show has arrived again. It has been more than a year since I reviewed their last graduate collection here. What’s better this year is I stumbled onto 1 Granary, which is a blog run by Central Saint Martin Students.  I think the blog is because it provides such an insight to the collections that would otherwise just be garments on stage without any background to the collections. Great idea guys!

Here are some I would like to highlight:

What with the upcoming China market trend that was forecasted at Asia fashion Summit that Sybil and I just attended, here’s someone truly in tune and could probably relate to these group of customers with the link of Chinese history.

Dido Liu

Inspired by: “… the portraits taken 200 years ago in China. The oversized shapes and unusual proportions of those costumes worn by people in the portraits have been reshaped down to create a contemporary feel and oriental aesthetics.”

Serena Gili

Inspired by: different aspects of religion like uniformity.

“I went to New York to do my internships last year and people there are very religious; many Catholics who go to the church every Sunday, and I used to spend a lot of time with them. I got really inspired by them. There was always something curious about it…It got me interested in religion, uniformity, nuns, rules and how religious people are devoted to a certain cast. Also, I read a lot about Michel Foucault: Discipline and Punish.  And one of my main inspiration was the work of Anish Kapoor.”

Maia Bergman

Inspired by: “story of a school girl becoming a sexy woman”

Simple silhouettes that left the focus to the glittery beads. So damn pretty.

I highly recommend that you drop by their page here and read all the interviews. They’re so interesting!


X Alex

(All images from 1 Granary)

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