Nikicio: War

I’ve been eyeing the fashion label Nikicio.  In fact, I was eyeing a long cardigan with ceramic beads but before I could purchase it online, it was sold out.  The label is growing and so are buyers’ interests in it.  What I like about the label is the designer’s vision:  “I want to challenge the notation of a fashion world.  No trends.  No seasons.  No fads.  My clothes have to be able to be worn and last forever.”  It’s a big statement but designer Nina Karina Nikicio is a brave and driven individual.  We discovered this through an interview with her.

Tell us more about yourself and why you wanted to be a fashion designer. When and how did you first become interested in fashion?

I think it started since I was very young.  My grandmother used to own a small fabric shop and I used to play with her fabrics and pretend that I was a space monster.  I guess the love of textile comes from there.  I’ve always knew that I don’t want to be a doctor or an architect; they are too serious looking.  I knew that I wanted to be an artist of some sort, so becoming a designer seemed to be a right choice.

What inspires you as a designer?

People in general. Their style, their stories, their likes and dislikes are my core of inspirations.  Other than that, dreams, folk and a touch of rock and roll!

Is there a specific type of woman or man you design for? Do you have a muse?

Not really.  People changes all the time, so I adapt to the changes.  But I always picture NIKICIO women as the ones who are young, brave, and bold.  They know what looks best on them and they don’t want to follow trends just to be accepted.  They have the chicness of a woman; classic and always fresh.

Do you have any favourite designers? Who are they?

Maison Martin Margiela, Jil Sander, and Miuccia Prada.  I also love Gaultier for his sense of humor and McQueen for his capability to turn runway into something magical, dark, and romantic.

We love that you use eco-friendly fabrics. What drove you to this initiative?

This might sound very cliche, but because the earth is suffering and I need to do my part in saving it.

It is not easy to design collections for both men and women. What made you decide to do so?

I’d like to challenge people.  I borrow clothes from my brothers all the time and it saves money.  So if you can share clothes with your boyfriend/husband, isn’t it more economical to do so?  Besides, it saves the earth as well.

What is the RE: project? Tell us more about it. When can we expect the next RE: project?

It’s a three months long project with 5 photographers from both Indonesia and Singapore.  The paper dress project also came from the idea that we need to do something to recreate and recycle, to build awareness.  I don’t think many people are aware of the subject because the advertising was too much in your face, so people tend to neglect it.  Like when your parents told you to do something, you tend to rebel?  Well, I find the save the earth campaign exactly like that.  So I decided, let’s make something cool and make people notice that this is a serious issue.  It was a small project, but people did find it cool and they were interested in the project so it served the purpose.  I would like to create more RE projects as it is something close to my heart but first I need to find the time.

Selected looks from MIXTÉ Autumn Winter 2012/2013: WAR

The Fall/Winter 2012 collection is titled War.  It spots the label’s familiar androgynous silhouette, featuring a selection of leather jacket, asymmetrical tank and knits in whites and ivories.  The print used for the fabrics is really interesting and on closer examination, reveals a monochromatic photo by Nikicio’s longtime collaborator photographer, Evelyn Pritt.  Titled Ocean Waves #0, the print evokes a mysterious vibe; dark, alluring and almost hypnotic.  I love it.  I suggest we grab these pieces before they’re sold out.

X Sybil

(Images provided by NIKICIO)

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