London Olympics 2012

I was watching the London Olympics 2012 the other day and my all time favourite event has been gymnastics.  It’s breath-taking to watch the elegance of the lines that our bodies can make.  The lines and curves look beautiful. It was only when they replay the sequence in slow-motion that I am reminded by how much strength, focus and practice each move was executed with.

I was sure fashion had a part to do with this major event, so I started looking for that little bridge that connects us. Other than finding items that now come in 3 colour schemes (bronze, silver and gold), I found a few interesting collaborations for the Olympic Uniform kits.

Stella McCartney X Adidas for Great Britain

Ralph Lauren for U.S. Opening and Closing Ceremony

Giorgio Armani for Italy

Prada for Italy’s Sailing Team

Hermes for France’s Equestrian Team

Salvatore Ferragamo for the Republic of San Remo

Cedella Marley X Puma for Jamaica

My personal favorite is the one for Jamaica. It’s just so Jamaican; bright, fun, playful!

Happy Olympics everyone!


X Alex

(Images from olympics.timedailymail, telegraph, Prada FB, VOGUE UK and houseofmarley)

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