Memento – a moment to remember

I don’t usually wear a watch but I find the idea of a pocket watch rather romantic; the notion of holding onto time, a moment you want to remember.

I first saw the Memento pocket watch at SUPERMAMA boutique and have lusted after it ever since.  Designed in Hong Kong, the pocket watch is handmade in limited quantity and comes with a wooden shell.

Pocket watches are not rare but I’ve not seen one designed in such a minimalist style.  The watch appeals to my fondness for handcrafted objects but I wished the entire strap was in leather though.  Nonetheless, this watch has given me the desire to start a watch collection.

X Sybil

(Images from Memento)

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One Response to Memento – a moment to remember

  1. Pick me an Outfit says:

    I do often wear a watch, but I really like this pocket watch! I agree that the idea of a pocket watch is so romantic.

    xoxo Caroline Pick me an Outfit

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