Janina Alleyne: Shoes of envy

I love shoes. I guess most women do, but I love it more when the shoes are just so gorgeous to look at, so much so that all you want to do is keep it in a display and stare at it all day.

Janina Alleyne’s shoes do just that. A recent graduate from DeMontfort university with a First Class Honours degree in Footwear Design, her shoes are just breathtakingly beautiful.

“Exoskeleton- Inspiration drawn from the architectural structure and silhouettes of marine invertebrates, creatures and insects external skeletons. Using the advanced technology of 3D Printing, these fluid anatomical shapes are not only translated visually but also in the design process. Nominated for the 2012 Mulberry Accessory Award. Shoes 3D “

Other works of hers.

‘Wow’ project

‘Bespoke’ collection

Her exoskeleton design remind me of Iris van Herpen’s aesthetic sense. Definitely someone to keep our eyes on.


X Alex

(All images from janina alleyne’s coroflot page)

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