Una Burke: Luxe Leather Accessories

I always loved the concept of wearable art pieces and feel that little tinge of joy when I find someone else who thinks this way too.

Irish born designer now based in London, Una Burke, works with leather using traditional leather-working skills of leather panels and brass fittings. Her works includes pieces of sculptural belts, corsets, jewelry, handbags and abstract body pieces, worn by style icons such as Daphne Guinness, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

Images from her graduate collection Re.Treat
“The potential for healing within boundaries of something that inhabits the body”.

Trans.Form Collection
“Where deformity is beauty”

Meta.Morph Collection
“Where negativity lies within positivity, as physical improvement encourages social debilitation”

“Where the soul would be protected and death would be cheated”

“Where nightmares of drowning contrast with daydreams of floating”


She sees her works as objects, open to interpretation.; pieces of wearable art rather than garments. Personally, I really love leather and I relate to her works.  In my opinion, she is  an artisan based on her amazing craftsmanship.

Truly someone to keep our eyes on.

X Alex

(All images from Una Burke)

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2 Responses to Una Burke: Luxe Leather Accessories

  1. Wow, these are simply amazing. Great blog, by the way.

    xo Sophie Louise

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