Statement Jewellery by Paula Mendoza

Raw, bold, polished, elegant; all these describe Paula Mendoza’s jewellery.  Each piece is one of a kind because the designer combines natural elements with precious metals.  Never the same, Mendoza’s designer are daring and different, which is why I like them so much.  I just wish I can afford them.  We caught up with the designer on what inspires her.

Chivor Necklace with Brazilian Agate as the centre stone

Tell us more about yourself and how you became a jewellery designer when you were working as a journalist.

I’m just so passionate about fashion and I think accessories are the perfect way to change your outfit over and over again.  When I was in the university studying journalism, I made jewellery on the side for some extra money to buy things or to travel.  The jewellery I made then were more experimental or more “hippie” as my friends said.

When I started working in a communications company, I felt like I was missing a creative way to express myself, so I just decide to go for it.  I left my job and I start making jewellery for living.  First I went to Brazil where I learn about stones, and then I went to Peru to study the very old fashion techniques and finally I studied Jewellery as a form of sculpture in Washington DC.

What inspires you as a jewellery designer?

The desire to create things with my hands and to express myself through that process.

Do you have any favourite designers?

I really respect Dominic Jones.

Venuz Bracelet

Double ring with two Lapis Lazuli stone

Tell us more about your creative process and how you incorporate your storytelling into your craft.

It is really funny; sometimes I get ideas when I’m walking, sometimes I have to look for inspiration in museums or other places.  I love to travel and breathe new air into my collections.  However, it is people who really inspire me.

Your designs make gorgeous statement pieces. Why do you think everyone should invest in a statement jewellery piece?

Because it is the perfect way to change that little black dress and look like a million bucks each time!

Bataki Earrings

Are all your materials sourced from Colombia?

Yes, some stones are from Brazil too.

What does Colombia means to you?

My roots!

What do you love about it?

The warmest of the people.

As Mendoza has mentioned, a statement piece can transform an entire outfit.  All of us need one, so why not start with one from Paula Mendoza?

x Sybil

(All images from Boticca)

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