Li Xiao Feng: Ceramic art pieces

One artefact that intrigues me is the Chinese porcelain ceramics, especially the rich blue ones that have such an amazingly hue of royal blue.

Beijing artist Li Xiaofeng has dabbled with these precise porcelain pieces and created sculptural art that can be ‘worn’. Pieces of blue-and-white china gathered from imperial kilns or along the country’s ancient trade routes are hand-sewn into dresses, polo shirts and other wearable art.

Li Xiao Feng Porcelain dress

I love his collaboration with Lacoste for their Holiday Collector series in 2012 to create polo t-shirts, a form of translation into accessible fashion.

Beijing Memory No.2


His works will be on show at the Pagoda Paris‘ inaugaral exhibition L’Asie en Vogue from now to December 2012.

“Conceived of by Beijing-based American curator Tiffany Beres, the collection brings together a group of eight distinguished pan-Asian artists whose works explore the themes of fashion and costumes, which will be displayed among a backdrop of museum-quality antique textiles. A poetic unveiling of the building itself, the Pagoda’s first exhibition explores how today’s Asian artists weave and stitch together meaning in their art and how the past and present intertwine.”


X Alex

(Image from gogochina, voguetw and latimes)

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