Secret Weapon: A kept secret no more

I was broke but I needed to get away so when my friend went on a work trip to Bangkok Thailand, I jumped on a cheap flight and was out of here in a heartbeat.  Literally, I had to put in an urgent request for my passport application.

Bangkok has changed quite a bit since my previous trip 3 years ago and I enjoyed catching up with the local fashion scene there; meeting new people and discovering new labels.  The designs are good and you sense that the people are always sincere so escaping to Bangkok proved to be just the break I needed.

One of the labels I stumbled upon was Secret Weapon.  Surprisingly it is established by a ballerina, dancer and choreographer.  Born and raised in Thailand, Cris Horwang started her professional training in classical ballet in Thailand and furthered her practice in UK and US.  Her love for leather goods and accessories pushed her to venture and expand into fashion.  Designed as statement pieces, the element of surprise is emphasized in the handbags she design and get this; the motto the label adheres to is “We dress to kill”.  Like so many Thai labels, the concept is fun and witty and that’s the spirit of Thai design I love.

Hand painted, exactly what a rich bitch would have asked for.

Raining silver bullets

Yes, that is a grenade hanging from the handbag.

Cleverly titled Reload, this clutch is the kind of statement piece the designer is famous for.

I will get my hands on one of these weapons soon and for the next few weeks, you will be sure that I’ll be thinking in Thai design mode.  Stay tuned for more emerging designers from Thailand.

x Sybil

(Images from Secret Weapon)

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